Future Home: Beyond the Jetsons

When I was a kid, one of the highlights of my week was the animated TV series about a Space Age family, The Jetsons.  I wanted to be Jane Jetson when I grew up because she never had to do any housework or make dinner.  She had Rosie the Robot who cleaned house. To make dinner, she pressedContinue reading “Future Home: Beyond the Jetsons”

Jurassic Park Was Fiction; Pleistocene Park Could Be Real

Michael Crichton was a Harvard M.D. who decided to spend his life writing science fiction that took the world by storm.  In 1990, he published Jurassic Park and introduced the world to the concept that the long extinct creatures like dinosaurs could be resurrected through genetic engineering. In 1993, millions of jaws dropped all overContinue reading “Jurassic Park Was Fiction; Pleistocene Park Could Be Real”


I love to write sci-fi stories about humanoid robots. My first humanoid robot story will be published later this fall.  But I have many more that I hope to publish. I love to contemplate how humanoid robots will impact ordinary people’s lives in positive and not-so-positive ways, and even some downright scary ways (think Terminator). Continue reading “THE ROBOTS ARE COMING! THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!”


There’s been lots of disturbing news lately about climate change.  To say the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2021 Sixth Assessment was bleak is an understatement.  Here’s the Panel’s headlines for policy makers.  Then there was the recent US NOAA report, The State of the Climate 2020, which said that despite pandemic lockdownsContinue reading “MIGRATION ON MY MIND”