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Nancy North Walker is a “second act” short fiction writer, who took up creative writing after a much more boring career as a business communications executive. She’s partial to speculative fiction, especially sci fi, horror and magical realism, but also dabbles in rom com and contemporary fiction. Her short stories and flash fiction have appeared in mid-Atlantic anthologies and a literary magazine. Most recently, her first flash fiction piece and her first horror story were published by the award winning indie publisher, Devil’s Party Press. Warning: reading her sci-fi horror story, Insecticide, may cause you to flinch at the sight of any
insect. Another of her sci-fi stories won a Judges Award in the 2021 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest and will be published along with other contest winners by Cat & Mouse Press in their fall 2021 anthology, Beach Secrets. She was a winner of the same short story contest in 2019 and was published in Cat & Mouse Press’s Beach Dreams. Nancy is currently working on a provocative sci-fi short story collection about unexpected ways in which revolutionary 21st Century advances in science and technology will challenge our constructs of what it means to be human.

Recently Published Stories

Following are the publications in which Nancy North Walker’s fiction has appeared, along with the story titles, a brief hint of what the story is about and where you can purchase them.

Instant Noodles (December 2021)

Story Title: New Year’s 2044 with George

Story Hint: George is more than meets the eye

Publisher: Devil’s Party Press

See at:               https://devilspartypress.com/new-years-2044-with-george-nancy-north-walker/

Beach Secrets (November 2021)

Story Title: The Companion

Story Hint: Dad’s new girlfriend is, well, special

Publisher: Cat & Mouse Press

Honors: Judges Award, 2021 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest

Purchase at: https://www.browseaboutbooks.com and Amazon.com

A Video Preview Reading

Halloween Party ’21 (Fall 2021)

Story Title: Insecticide

Story hint: It’ll make your skin crawl

Publisher: Gravelight Press, a Devil’s Party Press imprint

Purchase at: https://devilspartypress.com/readers-studio/


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I clip news about scientific and technological developments daily. That’s where I find the inspiration for my stories.  Come take a peek into the future.

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